Best Deer Decoy 2022

Best deer decoys for 2022 (whitetail/rut/setup/hours of use)
Let’s admit it. We were all fooled by the cardboard cutouts. And if that works for you, it might work for deer with poor eyesight who are impulsive during ruts and unfamiliar with the deer feeding process.

Deer bait has become increasingly popular with deer hunters over the years for one simple reason. Both bucks and deer are fooled by realistic bait and can get close to the bait for a number of reasons. However, there are pitfalls. You need high-quality, life-like baits and the right strategies and setups to utilize them. Below are some of my favorite deer lures for different situations, along with instructions on how and when to use them.

Best Decoy Overall?

Primos Scarface Decoy

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Primos is a household name in the hunting world. Their products are renowned for their quality and versatility. This Scarface he lure certainly lives up to its reputation and you can buy with confidence that the lure will work well for multiple seasons.

For one thing, it’s a well-made accessory built to withstand the weather and harsh environments. Also, the head, ears, horns, and legs can be detached so that they fit inside the body. This way you can take it with you to almost any hunting location.

In terms of effectiveness, Scarface is one of the most attractive and realistic baits on the market. In fact, his name derives from the detailed scar that runs down his false stag’s eyes.Also, both his tail and head move in the wind, but his head is still swaying consistently. Some adjustments may be required to achieve

Accurate design is also attractive. Although it is an adult deer, it has a thin neck and eight horns, so it seems that young deer have reached their peak. This appearance poses a threat to the older dominant dollar in the territory, who are eager to challenge new rivals.

Our favorite part of this lure is the real whitetail deer tail that attaches to the lure via a hook.

Pro tip: I like to add toilet paper to the tail. The white toilet paper moves with the slightest breeze, adding realism to your decoy and ensuring that even the most reluctant deer is drawn in.


  • Brand reputation
  • High quality, weather resistant design
  • Head can be stored in the Body
  • Realistic detail
  • Moves it’s head
  • Attract the dominant buck


  • Head needs adjustment
  • Price range

If you’re a serious hunter who hunts from multiple locations, Scarface is the ideal decoy choice. It’s easy to move around, but can handle most terrain and weather conditions. Plus, there are details to attract dominant money and increase your chances of success season after season.

Best Decoy For The Money?

Montana Decoy 23 Dreamy Doe Whitetail Decoy

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In fact, deer are not as good at sight as they are at hearing and smelling. As a result, lures don’t necessarily have to be perfect to fool the human eye. In fact, 2D photo lures are often effective and save a lot of money that can be spent on other accessories such as scents and lures.

Montana’s Dreamy Doe Whitetail Decoy is a good example of this. By using real photos of white-tailed deer, we create quality bait that attracts deer at an affordable price. In this case, it is the realistic looking roe deer that can bring other roe deer, young roe deer, and even mature dominant roe deer for most of the hunting season.

Because it is a 2D design, it is very easy to carry, set up and remove, so you can use it anywhere, such as when you want to move to various places with a climbing tree stand. Try to get the spikes deep into the ground. Otherwise, the lure may move unnaturally in the wind or lose its legs.


  • Savings price
  • Realistic photo design
  • Active all season
  • Easy to set up and carry


  • No legs
  • Can move with the wind
  • Aside from those on a tight budget, Dreamy Dough is for those who don’t hunt on their own property. If you are hunting on public land or someone else’s private property with a permit, climbing this is a great option as it is very easy to move and carry even if he has to carry other tools like a tree. And the low price allows you to spend more on other portable accessories.

Best Decoy For The Rut?

Flambeau Masters Series Boss Buck Whitetail Deer Decoy

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The boss back decoy looks like this. A powerful and dominant back, a local back you wouldn’t want to see in your own territory. Thick necks, eight-point racks, and tall stances will definitely piss off the big bucks, as testosterone spikes heading into mating season.

Additionally, the Boss Buck is structurally robust and made from 3D molded HDPE plastic. This means it will withstand the weather and wear and tear from shipping and storage during the off-season. Speaking of which, the whole lure can be worn with the legs and head fitting to the body. Keep in mind that this is an oversized bag that is still a bit bulky and awkward to carry around. Still, you can easily bring it to your tree stand.

I wish there was a mobile feature to give Stag more of a lifelike quality, but it’s enough to attract money when in a rut. In fact, for the size and level of detail you get, it’s a great value.


  • Large Buck Design
  • High posture
  • Rugged 3D molded plastic
  • Foldable and portable
  • Great value


  • Bulky
  • No moving functionality
  • Rut specific

Boss back decoys are rut-specific, but should work very well at this time of year if you’re hunting trophy backs. Thanks to his large presence and tall, confident stance, he is able to deter young Bucks, and does so even during the busy pre-rut period. However, once the dominant stag establishes its territory during the main rut, it becomes angry when it sees an intruder. Use this bait strategically and consciously to finally get him the 10-point trophy his rack.