West Virginia Hunter Education

West Virginia Hunter Education Program

All persons born on or after January 1, 1975 must first successfully complete a certified hunter education course before purchasing a hunting license. (Chapter 20-2-30a WV Code) When purchasing a hunting license, the person must present a certificate of completion to the agent issuing the license. The first hunter education class taught in West Virginia was in 1968. It consisted of a short talk and a movie. In 1971, West Virginia won the NRA award for outstanding contributions to the field of hunter education. Today the course takes an average of 12 hours to complete. Over 360,000 students have passed the course since it began. This could not have been accomplished without the help of over 500 trained volunteer instructors who donate hundreds of hours and thousands of miles each year.

The course is offered free. Topics include: gun safety, wildlife management, ethics, survival/first aid, game identification, and how to safely hunt. You will enjoy listening to volunteer instructors and conservation officers pass on their expertise and hunting experiences, talking with your fellow hunters during class breaks, and geting familiar with the total hunting experience. Extra help is available for those who may need it.

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