Hawaii Hunter Safety

Information and links pertaining to Hunter Safety in Hawaii as well as obtaining your hunting license.

Georgia Hunter Safety Education

Residents and non-residents born on or after January 1, 1961 must successfully complete a hunter education course prior to purchasing a season hunting license.  However,  a hunter education course is not required to purchase an Apprentice License or a three (3) day Combo Hunting/Fishing License.  Hunter education courses certified or mandated by any state wildlife agency […]

Delaware Hunter Education

The Delaware Hunter Education Program is committed to putting safe, ethical and educated hunters in the field. The program requires anyone born after Jan. 1, 1967, to satisfactorily complete a Basic Hunter Education Course before obtaining a Delaware Hunting license. Since it was established in 1970, more than 35,000 Delaware hunters have been certified through the Delaware Hunter Education Program.

Connecticut Hunter Safety Information

These courses on hunting and trapping help to ensure that safe and ethical practices continue throughout our state. The CE/FS program promotes hunter ethics and fair chase, hunter responsibility, and landowner relations. Join the ranks of today’s hunter and trapper education graduates who are helping to preserve the future of these longstanding traditions in Connecticut’s […]

Hunter Education in Colorado

Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) Hunter Education Courses, led by trained and certified volunteer instructors, are offered throughout the year and throughout the state. Enroll—find a course at a place and time to fit your schedule! Clicking the link, above, opens the CPW’s Events Calendar, showing all available hunter education courses. Page through the calendar for one […]

Hunter Education in Alabama

Alabama Hunter Education & Safety Information Lost your hunter education card?  Click here for a replacement. Alabama’s hunter education program helps keep hunting safe and enjoyable. The program covers the skills, regulations and responsibilities of hunting, and wildlife conservation that help to secure our hunting heritage. If you were born on or after August 1, 1977, you […]

Florida Hunter Safety

Florida Hunter Safety Education & Information Hunter Safety Requirement Anyone born on or after June 1, 1975, and 16 years or older, must pass a hunter safety course before purchasing a hunting license, unless using the Hunter Safety Mentoring Exemption and hunting under the supervision of a qualified hunter. Completion of a hunter safety course is required to hunt […]

Massachusetts Hunter Safety

Massachusetts Hunter Safety & Education Links & Information The Basic Hunter Education Course is mandatory for first-time hunters or hunting license buyers in Massachusetts.  All courses are free of charge. Below is the current schedule of Basic Hunter Education Course offerings. More courses will be listed as our volunteers set up the schedule. Please note – students must attend […]

Alaska Hunter Safety

Alaska Hunter Safety & Education Information The Hunter Information & Training Program (HIT) is responsible for the administration of certification courses required to hunt in many parts of the state and in many other jurisdictions throughout North America. The HIT Program, with the assistance of over 400 volunteer instructors, offers quality training and education throughout […]

Arizona Hunter Safety

Arizona Hunter Safety and Education The purpose of Arizona’s Hunter Education Program is to promote safe, knowledgeable and responsible hunter conduct, to emphasize the importance of wildlife management, laws and regulations, and to encourage the safe handling of firearms and bowhunting equipment. Any individual nine years of age or older may complete a hunter education […]