Arizona Hunter Safety

Arizona Hunter Safety and Education

The purpose of Arizona’s Hunter Education Program is to promote safe, knowledgeable and responsible hunter conduct, to emphasize the importance of wildlife management, laws and regulations, and to encourage the safe handling of firearms and bowhunting equipment.

Any individual nine years of age or older may complete a hunter education course offered through the Department.  To hunt big game youth under the age of 14 must complete hunter education.  While you must be 10 years of age to hunt big game you may complete Hunter Education at the age of 9 however, the hunter education completion card and certificate does not become valid until the child’s 10th birthday.

The Arizona hunter education program is not just for children or hunters.  This educational program is a valuable experience for anyone who enjoys the outdoors and has an interest in conservation.

Parents are encouraged to participate in the course with their child.  For veteran hunters, the course serves as an excellent refresher.

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